23-04-2019 – Owls and Easter

Helloo there, my little Easter bunnies.

We hope you enjoyed the extended weekend, and trust you were all suitably solemn in remembrance of what this important religious festival commemorates; the true meaning of Easter, that time of year when Jesus skips merrily around the countryside with a basket of chocolate for all the little children.

Something like that, anyway; I must confess I wasn’t really paying attention to that part in school.

Right, well we had a fine couple of evenings gigging; although, having had at least two sleeps since then, I can’t really remember anything much about them. Except the owls. The owls…

However, I can tell you about the upcoming weekend; as I haven’t been to sleep since the gigs which have yet to happen, I haven’t forgotten about them yet…

Friday 26th – The Millhouse, Emerson’s Green
As far as I can tell, we’ve never played this one before. But hey, what do I know?

Saturday 27th – Banshee’s Bash, 1pm
A charity bike rally, run by the delightful ladies of the Banshees MC. It’s at Barton Hill Rugby Club, we’ve played here a couple of times before. Last year there were Vikings doing a battle re-enactment as we were playing – which was huge fun for us, and apparently for them as well – it seems that “AC/DC makes an excellent soundtrack to a swordfight”. And who are we to disagree?

Sunday 28th – Trident, Downend, 4pm
Well, we may not be easy like Sunday morning – but we may persuaded out of bed in time to be easy like Sunday teatime, for a nice local gig where we don’t have to stay up too late either. What’s not to like?

Well, er – that seems to be it for this week, really. Although – just on the off-chance, and thanks to the recent sunny weather – if anybody has a 1976 Triumph Bonneville lying around that they don’t use any more, I’d be happy to take it off their hands. Just sayin…

Square on

P.S. [Editor’s note] According to a bird expert at a well known bird park owls are pretty dumb and really lazy. Sorry to pop anyone’s “wise owl” balloon but there it is, what can I say!

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