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11-02-2019 – Regular Stuff

Howdy pardners!

We hope y’all had a rootin’ tootin’ weekend ridin’ out on the priarie… Oh, stuff it, I’m bored with this already. If you want more cowboy-themed entertainment, go watch a Western!

We tend to make our own entertainment.

Fortunately, we’re pretty easily pleased.

And so it was that at the Trident in Downend on Friday, although it’s fair to say that the pub could probably have crammed in a few more punters without too much problem, there were enough there to keep us happy. We were particularly impressed with top punter Pete, who joined in with Emma’s drinking game with such enthusiasm that he got through 2 pints in the course of one (quite short) song. Well done, that man!

An honourable mention in despatches also for our new friend Mike, who took his plankocastering very seriously; we’re quietly hoping that somebody filmed it and it will appear online in the near future.

In the meantime, what do we have to look forward to this week…?

Saturday 16th – Cat & Wheel, Cheltenham Rd, Bristol
Oh, it’s fun in here! A little bit cramped, but it does get very hot and bouncy. My favourite game is to try and guess how long it will take before somebody gets told off for dancing on the tables.

Sunday 17th – Weston Ex-Services Club, Bath
A 2pm start, so a nice peaceful Sunday afternoon… Last time we played here, we were a bit concerned we might be a but much for them, but as it turned out they liked us just as much as we liked them. And we should be back home in time for dindins. What’s not to like?

Right, that’s your lot for this week.

Alas, the joke cupboard is empty – if you have any contributions, we do encourage you to send them in.

Unless you happen to be a certain Mr R Spencer, residing in Devon – in which case, you really don’t need any encouragement…

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