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30-10-2017 – Crutch Guitar

Hola, amigos,

Another jolly fine weekend; nice and local for a change. Friday night at the Swan in Thornbury was massively improved by the presence of some lovely old friends, who help us carry the kit in and out and buy us drinks. The rest of you take note – this is the kind of behaviour we like to see!

There are a also a couple of videos they kindly posted up on the Facebook page to commemorate the event, including some rather accomplished inflatable guitar action… Well, we like that kind of thing.

Saturday at the Trout in Keynsham was an equally lively event, particular kudos to young “Daniel” for the enthusiastic crutch air guitar – to clarify, this is a man with a shattered leg, held together by means of sophisticated medical scaffolding, who decided to hobble around on his remaining leg so he could use his walking aid to help him pretend to be Eddie Van Halen. That’s our kind of guy! (An opinion cemented when he revealed he’d injured himself by “trying to skateboard down the stairs”).

Happily, everybody made it through the night without injury – despite the proliferation of beer and broken glass sloshing about on the floor – although Stuart was nearly wiped out as he slumped exhausted in a chair after we’d finished packing the van, courtesy of a barman hoiking furniture about without due care and attention. Ben winced visibly at the near miss, although Stuart was totally oblivious to his narrow escape, and had to be informed; “You do realised you just almost got killed… in the face…”

For some reason this notion rather tickled us, as we all simultaneously pictured a Bond villain stroking his Persian cat… “Kill him. In the face.”

Anyways – a couple of weeks rest now, no gigs until nearly the end of the month. However, for those of you gagging for some rock action in the meantime, I can offer a rare chance to catch me and Stuart with our old hippy chums playing some original progtastic tunes (well, not properly progtastic, we don’t really have any songs about unicorns, or play anything in 17/56 time signatures, or anything). But, on the plus side, we don’t really have any songs about unicorns, or play anything in 17/56 time signatures…

Monday 6th – All Night Chemists, Mr Wolf’s, Bristol
We’re the second of three bands on, apparently at about 9:00; headliners claim to be a “glam punk” outfit, which should be interesting. Ben says that not only has he heard of them, but they’re rather good. Bet they don’t have any songs about unicorns, though…

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