04-09-2017 – Goat Thing Beard

Howdy pardners

Well, that was a rootin’-tootin’ mighty fine weekend of rawk’n’roll, and…

…oh, bollocks to it, I’m bored with the cowboy voice already.

Suffice to say another spiffing pair of gigs at the weekend, with much jolly singing and dancing from the audiences, and much titting about, moments of sheer musical brilliance interspersed with episodes of titanic incompetence from the band, and a certain amount of dressing up.

Emma and I are still bemused as to why wearing a comedy false beard should make your sunglasses steam up. Although, to be fair, not as bemused as the innocent girl who walked into the pub to be greeted by the following sight (I promise, there IS a logical reason for it!) and let out an involuntary shriek of horror….

Emma & Beard

And another fine weekend looming;

Friday 8th – GOATFEST!!!
A brilliant local festival in the tiny village of Goatacre, near Calne, last year this was one of our favourite gigs to play. Lovely stage (not one, but TWO flatbed trailers), excellent PA superbly engineered by our old buddy Brian from Swindon, and an exceedingly jolly crowd. Last year Rosa had the whole field doing star jumps; I’m still not sure why – but they did it. Pressure’s on Emma to top that one…

Saturday 9th – Golf Club Private do
Last time we did a golf club bash, it was much more fun than we expected. So now we’re expecting this one to be even more fun than we expected, even though we’re expecting it to be more fun than we would have expected had we not been expecting it to be more fun.

Alles klar?

Right, I realise that was a bit shorter than usual, but I has a busy week ahead, trying to think of goat-related song puns to put in the setlist.

I may regret saying this, but – suggestions welcome…?

Square on

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