Easter Chicken

18-04-2017 – Easter Chickens

Well, hello there my little spring chickens!

It’s been a rather fine weekend, all in all – I do wonder why a four-day-weekend isn’t the norm, it’s a far superior working arrangement to the usual two-all-too-brief-days nonsense.

Obviously, on this occasion, we got the benefit thanks to this fine nation’s noble religious heritage, when we all look back and commemorate that day over two thousand years ago, when Our Lord Jesus hopped around the countryside with a basket of treats, distributing chocolate eggs to all the good little children.

Us? We went to Swindon again…

This time to the rather nice Queen’s Tap, where there’s a nice corner to set up in, easy parking and load in, a good friendly little crowd, and a free beer for hard-working musicians. Needless to say, we liked it here, and it was a treat to see our old pal Statey again, and – unless she’s getting better at hiding it – rather less inebriated than we normally see her (although, just in case she reads this, no less the lovely for it).

I can’t remember too many details of the evening, as it was several days (not to mention rather a lot of beers) ago now, so we’ll just assume that nobody got arrested, and move on.

Coming up…

Friday 21st – Blue Lagoon, Bishopston
Great fun venue this one, always lively, and particularly so this time, as our Lily is using it as her belated birthday bash – so there will be a bunch of her mates along. They’re probably not very good at drinking, from what I’ve seen, and so will doubtless provide us with a mighty fine floor show. I’m looking forward to this one almost much as if I didn’t have to drive… Almost.

And that’s it for now. I’ll throw in a joke from the internet, if I can find a half-decent one*.

Apart from that…

Square on

*I didn’t. But feel free to go and have a look yourselves.

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