Thanks for the Mammary

16-01-2017 – Angel UpDate – Thanks for the Mammory

Yo homeys

Well, the Blue Lagoon certainly didn’t disappoint on the drunken audience front; helped immeasurably by a coterie of ladies there for a 49th birthday bash; the birthday girl herself making quite a pastime of manipulating her chest at band members; she started with me, but since I simply beamed back at her, have her a thumbs-up and said “Thank you very much”, she shifted her mammary manoeuvring in Stuart’s direction – since he was careless enough to look slightly shocked, he thus became the focus of her bosomy wibbling for the rest of the evening.

I was actually feeling quite poorly after a long day, so I was quite glad that the stage-invadery that started the moment the inflatable guitars came out was on the other side of the drumkit from me, so I could carry on playing unmolested. Eventually the bouncers had to intervene to shoo various drunks off the stage so we could continue playing; but not before the birthday girl and her chums treated everybody to what Ben and I subsequently agreed was the most accomplished and enthusiastic oral-sex-simulation-with-an-inflatable-guitar that we’ve ever seen at a gig.

And we have, I’m sorry to say, seen it more than a few times…

Right then, coming up next weekend, a couple of rather fine gigs at some of our favourite Bristol venues…

Friday 20th – Cat & Wheel, Gloucester Rd, Bristol
A bit cosy from our point of view (that’s a point, I wonder how I’m going to fit my lovely new stack in there?), but always lively and a good giggle.

Saturday 21st – Railway Tavern, Fishponds
Ahh, the court of her beloved majesty Queen Amy of Fishponds, we kinda think of this place as our spiritual home. A pub rock Nirvana. Well, sort of. Nearvana, I suppose…

We should remind y’all that these will probably be our last Bristol gigs with Rosa before she leaves us, so if you want to catch her before she goes, this might be a good opportunity.

We’re still working on finding someone who can fill her mighty sparkly shoes, but don’t worry, we have an excellent short-term solution and won’t be dropping any gigs in a hurry.

We’ll keep you posted on developments as they – well, as they develop. In the meantime, we hope to see you at a gig soon, but please try to stay away from the inflatable erotica…

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