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21-11-2016 – I’be God A Thtingking Kode

Howdy pardners,

Well you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve dispensed with the Wild West theme for this week, partly ’cause I’ve run out of cowboy jokes, and partly ’cause your favourite guitar player seems to have acquired a stinking head cold (actually, he hasn’t, but I have, and so I’m going to keep this missive nice and short so I can crawl off back to bed and feel properly sorry for myself for a bit).

In fact, I’m just going to announce the next gig, and then slope off in search of a medicinal whiskey or three, and wait until the world starts feeling nicer again. So – here you go…

Friday 26th – Molloy’s, Bristol
Always massively lively in here, and they do like a bit of a dance about. As I recall, they also quite like falling over and spilling drink everywhere too. If you like that kind of thing, that could be an ideal night for you.

I’ve just realised that I should really have typed all this in a comedy “I’be god a thtingking kode” mode, since that what I sound like today – but I really can’t be bothered to go back and change it all.

So, if you’d just like to do me a favour and re-read this from the beginning, out loud, in the aforementioned comedy voice, that would be lovely. For maximum effect, I suggest reading it out in a very loud voice – particularly if you happened to be sat in a busy open-plan office just at the moment.

Thank you so much.

Thquare od

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