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03-10-2016 – Yeah, Well, Ok Then

Good morning campers!

And a very warm welcome to Sunnyview Rest Camp for the mentally infirm and physically unattractive. We hope to make your stay here as enjoyable as possible, but following an unfortunate incident last night outside the Leisure Lido Amusement Palace, please may we remind all our guests to make sure that you are wearing clothes before leaving your chalet; particularly if you don’t have your keys with you. Also, don’t forget that the Sunnyview Knobbly Knees competition will be held at the Kiddies Splashtime Fun Pool this afternoon at four o’clock sharp; or slightly later if we haven’t quite fished out of all the unfortunate floating items by then.
> Right, sorry ’bout that folks, I have no idea where that one came from; possibly my brain spontaneously retuned itself and was picking up another channel entirely.

Anyway – back in the slightly saner world of rawk’n’roll…

Saturday’s jaunt to the Wroughton Club was notable for our old pals Swindon Al & Helen unexpectedly rolling in, and the almost complete absence of anybody else. “They’ve all gone on holiday” we were told. “Sorry ’bout that”.

Ah well, not to worry, we managed to amuse ourselves as usual, despite a few technical hitches; it seems our lighting rig has gone slightly hysterical, but after a bit of tinkering and a technical slap, it seemed to get the hang of things again. Despite the place being pretty quiet, we seemed to go down rather well and they are keen to have us back again; so keen, in fact, that they even paid us. We like that.

Coming up this week…

Friday 7th – Parson’s Nose, Melksham
A very late start this one, apparently we’re not playing until 10:30 or so. Way past Stuart’s bedtime, I do hope he’s not going to fall asleep again… Although last time he did, we were able to pass the time by taking turns to carefully pile as many items as we could on his recumbent figure – a kind of drummer Buckaroo, if you will.

Saturday 8th – Queen Vic, Stroud
One of our favourite venues, and it seems that some of our favourite people are planning to come along as well; so this may well turn out to be a particularly silly night.

And that, my friends, is probably just about that, I reckon.

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