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03-11-2014 – Cabbage

Hello again

Sorry folks, but due to pressure of time this week’s blog will be the “ordinary boring” rambling, instead of the fantasy epic version. But, don’t worry, abnormal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

This week’s travelogue from the North East reports that Lincolnshire consists of an awful lot of cabbage fields, and just about bugger-all else. I had a nice time, though, and got back in time to make it for Friday’s Halloween gig up at the Old Neighbourhood Inn up in the hills near Stroud. READ MORE

26-10-2014 – Wig & Vomit

Hello again children

If you’re all sitting comfortably, then we’ll resume our tale…

As our brave band of musos rode down the leafy byways of Wiltshire towards their Prestbury Sports Bar gig, the fair Princess Louisa enquired of brave Sir Alan about the previous evening’s adventures.

“So”, she asked, “How went your lovely daughter’s gig in Swindon last night?”

“A fairly quite night, all things considered”, mused the gallant Sir Alan, “We encountered three bare backsides, two fights, one accidental concussion, and three vomiting
on the floor”. “But”, he added, “we did also meet there with the Wise Woman of Pighill; the promotress Statey, who was not only completely sober, but even bought me a drink; but alas, she had to leave before the audience really got into their stride”. READ MORE