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01-12-2014 – Dragon

Blessings be upon you, my children

Our sermon this week is taken from the Third Book of Ramblings, Chapter Three, Verse Two Hundred and Seventy Four…

Yea, And It Came To Pass That the Tribe Of Angel Up Front Were Wandering In The Wilderness For Many Years, Until The Good Lord (Martin) Saw Them, And Took Pity On Them, And Yea, He Did Lead Them Unto A Place Of Sanctuary, Which Was An Inn In The Land Of Marlborough, Known In Those Parts As The Green Dragon, And…

….you know what? It’s a real pain in the ass capitalising every word, I think I’ll give this theme a miss for now… Sorry to anybody that was starting to doze off already. READ MORE

26-08-2014 – Wot Cheeky Girls

Ahoy there, shipmates!

After a rather nice week off work, which involved a merry couple of days recording (huge fun, apart from the rather impressive number of stairs that we had to lug heavy amplifiers up to the aptly-named Rooftop Studios), I spent a happy few whiskey-sodden days with Da Family at nice relaxing (but, to be fair, musically fairly rubbish) festival.

For both events I had to leave before the end; so sadly I can’t report on the final results of the recording, and nor can I tell you what the Cheeky Girls’ live act is actually like. On the plus side, I was back in a nice cosy house when the rain started plummeting apocalyptically from the heavens, so on balance I think it was a good call. Besides, my liver was starting to ache… READ MORE