30-01-2023 – Disorganised Law Enforcers

Wassup dawgs!

And welcome to another fun-packed episode of the mighty Angel Up Front’s weekly-ish gig alert/vanity publishing exercise…

The gig last Friday down at the Crab Apple in Clevedon was vastly improved by the presence of some old chums we haven’t seen in far too long, so a big shout out to Scotty, Wendy and the rest of the gang, and we have made a definite arrangement to catch up with them again in a few weeks, at a gig we’re particularly looking forward to. You’ll be hearing about that one in due course.

On a totally different tack, during the course of the week, I acquired (for the princely sum of One English Pound) a rather striking leopard-print shirt, which I thought might add a certain 80’s hair metal / Darkness ambience to proceedings. I also (seeing as it’s winter) opted on Friday to clad my usual cold-weather gig attire of crusty old leather jeans and bike boots, thinking this would complete the old-school rock’n’roll vibe.

It was only after we’d set all the kit up, when I went into the gents to wash the grime off my paws, and I caught sight of myself in the mirror, that I realised…

…I’d come to a gig dressed as Bet Lynch.

Oh well, they can’t arrest you for it.

They did have a good go, though. A mere minute after setting off for home, I espy some excitable-looking blue flashing lights in my wing mirrors. I pull over, and an affable PC enquired where I’ve just come from – which he fully knows, as they must have watched me pull out of the pub. It being the wrong side of midnight and me having just left a pub, they decide they want to breathalyse me. Fair enough, I say. Then he explains they don’t actually have a working breathalyser with them, so we have to wait for 20 minutes in the freezing cold while his mates bring one along. I’m not entirely sure they’d thought this one through.

While we’re waiting, he asks if there was any trouble in the pub tonight. I tell him there wasn’t, to which he replies. “Oh. Well, that’s unusual…”

Eventually, Mr Plod’s chums turn up, I dutifully huff and puff into their little machine, and am then allowed to go on my merry way.

This week, we’ll be a bit closer to home, and hopefully without requiring the intervention of the Long Arm Of The Law (or, indeed, the Fashion Police).

Friday 3rd Feb – Cat & Wheel, Gloucester Rd

Back at the dear ol’ Cat again, we do like it here, even if it is a bit cosy. Note that the start time for this one is a bit uncertain – they did ask if we could start playing at seven, but we won’t all be able to get there in time – so we said we’ll start as early as we can manage. My guess is that we’ll be kicking off around eight o’clock, but who knows? Never fear, though – if we’re up against a finish time but don’t start early enough, we can catch up by all playing different songs from the setlist at the same time.

Wouldn’t be the first time…

Square on

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