09-12-2019 – Mumsy (late edition)


Well, a jolly fine evening’s entertainment in the Crown yesterday….It was lovely to see some old pals turning up, including Ben’s mother – who has now been officially adopted as the band’s mum, meaning that we are all entitled to call her “Mummy”, and she, presumably, is entitled to wipe grime off our faces in public, using a hanky laced with spit.

I’m not sure we really thought that one through…

Still, a sizeable and friendly crowd made the evening cheery enough, despite a handful of minor technical disasters for your favourite homegrown axe hero – firstly a duff battery mishap in my wireless, rendering me silent midway through the fourth song; but after a bit of frantic scrabbling for spares, I was back online just in time for the loud crunchy bit. A little later, one of my strap locks snapped – we had to call a halt to that one, while I swapped over to spare guitar as the alternative – paying the rest of the night sitting on a chair – didn’t really seem viable (for one thing, it would make me the same height as Emma). Finally, my amp went mysteriously quiet – inevitably, after pulling up the levels, it cut back in again on full power, which cheered me up immensely, although I don’t think the chap standing directly in front was quite as happy about it.

Suddenly, it was too late to play any more; we were granted a quick encore, courtesy of the Ramones, and bade them all good evening.

Coming up – a minor excursion to a place we’ve not played before…

Friday 7th December – The Star Inn, Wootton Under Edge
People make jokes about Wootton Under Edge. But I’ve been there. And it’s not funny.

Actually, to be fair, I just checked the pub’s website, and I see that the night is listed as a “Special Event – Christmas Under The Edge with Angel Up Front”. Good job we practiced that bloody Christmas song, then. I wonder if Santa will actually be there? If so, Ben can sit on his knee and claim that he’s been a very good boy this year, and can he have a live Slayer DVD and a Klingon bat’leth, please?

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