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29-01-2019 – Disco Dave, Japan And The Power Slide

Hola homeys!

It’s always nice to see old friends, particularly when they bring you an ultra-cool pressie :-).

Saturday’s jaunt to the Albion House Club in Cheltenham was graced by the presence of my dear and long-standing friend Disco Dave, whom we haven’t seen for a couple of years on account of him working on the wrong side of the world.

And a very pleasant evening we all had, despite a somewhat worrying start…

Our lovely Em was arriving separately to the rest of us, and a little later, and so we duly rolled up, set up the kit, and waited. Start time came and went, and there is still no sign of our sparkly chanteuse. A quick call reveals that although she is quite close, but “the police have shut the road off” – and this being Cheltenham, and a one-way labyrinth at the best of times, it’s not easy to find another way in.

Eventually, however, she manages, and rolls in breathless and stressed. Thoughtfully we hand her a microphone and tell her to get on with it. We’re all heart, really…


As the evening goes on, the room fills up nicely, the audience gets louder and so do we.

Our “guitar hero challenge” seems to go down rather well; the contenders line up…


…the starting gun is fired…


…and they’re off!



Alas we were unable to secure a decent photo of the winner – he was at the other end of the room, having performed an impressive power slide across the floor.

By the end of the night, the room is full of folks dancing around, we’re having a jolly nice time, and Disco Dave has been taking full advantage of the fact that the beer – unlike in Japan – costs substantially less than a tenner a pint.. An excellent result all round, we think.

Coming up – a nice local one…

Friday 1st Feb – The Swan, Thornbury
Last time we played here, we didn’t, because one of us was terribly poorly. This time, we appear to be in reasonable health, so we’ll have to cram 2 gigs’ worth of fun into one night to make up for it.

Challenge accepted…

Square on

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