Party in the ponds

18-06-2018 – Party In The Ponds

‘Allo, compadres…

Well, with no gigs to report on, this one will be mercifully short – although next weekend does promise to be something of a doozy…

Friday 22nd – Blue Lagoon, Gloucester Rd
This is turning into one of my favourite regular venues, always nice and lively, sometimes they even gets a bit carried away – by security – but we ‘likes a larf, doesn’t we…

Saturday 23rd – Fishponds Party In The Park, 2pm
This should be huge fun, hopefully a nice sunny day in Fishponds Park with ice cream vans in attendance; I’d recommend it even if we weren’t playing – but we are, so I recommend it even more!

Saturday 23rd – Bailey’s Court Inn, Bradley Stoke
And another nice local gig to round off the weekend – plus I get Sunday off. Happy days…

Square on

Oh, all right then.

Crap joke of the week: –

What’s the difference between a moose and a soul band?
Well, a moose has the horns at the front and the asshole at the back…

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