Ultra Fluffy Kittens

14-05-2018 – A Couple Of Gigs – Ultra Fluffy Kitten Special

Hello, dear readers

Well, whaddaya know? A whole weekend with no gigs, and yet I somehow didn’t manage to find time to sit down and write to you all.

It really is very remiss of me, and I can only apologise – while recognising that many of you may in fact be rather grateful.

Anyway – not having gotten around to penning any witticisms for your amusement and probable consternation, I shall just deliver the following brief announcement: –

Thursday 17th – Royal Oak, Chipping Sodbury
A nice little outing for a Thursday, we played here a few months ago and despite Emma being in a somewhat ragged state of health, it all went down rather well. This time it should be even more fun. Not having gigged for a week definitely adds to the excitement; I particularly enjoy that little frisson you get when you can’t quite remember how the next bit goes, and have to hope that you guess correctly when the chorus comes around…

Saturday 19th – Queen Vic, Stroud
Still one of our favourite places to play, and very much looking forward to it. Lots of space to jump around in – there’s even some room for us – teetering as we are on the edge of the stage, a precipice fully three inches high…

Square on

P.S. [Editor’s note] This is the most nauseating picture of cute fluffy kittens I could find albeit a subject that can be debated. You can always rely on fluffy kittens to get attention.

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