Doing a Runner

21-09-2017 – I Will Survive (I hope) Addendum Special?

Captain’s Log – Update. Stardate 137 / 24.9

Just a quick update on this weekend’s gigs – if you were planning to trot along to see us in Dursley on Saturday, I suggest you make some new plans. The gig’s cancelled, as we’ve been informed that apparently the landlord “has done a runner”.

I assume that this means he has suddenly relocated, presumably leaving behind a pile of unpaid bills and an empty till.

The other possibility is that the phrase indicates he has suffered a catastrophic bout of intestinal distress, and that the pub has been closed for safety reasons while the bio-hazard clean-up team wrestles with the outfall.

Call me a soppy old romantic, but I choose to believe that the former explanation is the more likely.

Anyway – not to worry, as our other two gigs – Friday 8pm at the Bulldog in Filton, and Sunday 6pm at the Giant Goram in Lawrence Weston, are still – to the best of our knowledge – happening.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast….

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