21-08-2017 – Trouserless Combat Vomiting

Ahoy there shipmates!

So nice to be out playing again, I think we can put last weekend firmly into the “damned good fun” box for safe keeping.

Following a pleasing night at the Rolly in Swindon – where sadly we missed our regular local maniac Mad Freddy, but instead were treated to Mad Dancing Andy Warhol, and a definitely enthusiastic crowd – it was on the following night to the Swan in Thornbury for a jolly family knees-up.

Since Dem and Lil were away, it seemed best to bring my two youngest lads along and play a few songs with them, with a combination of Ben & Emma on vocals, plus young Joe making his public vocal debut on one of his favourite Green Day numbers. Whilst playing bass. So, that’s one of my offspring simultaneously doing two things that I can’t do. Evolution in action.

Awesome job they made of things too, and the crowd seemed very pleased with them; I think, in fact, that, in the photo below, you could be looking at the very future of rock’n’roll. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest incarnation of the Polar Bear Cheese Pirates From Outer Space!


Thank God they’re all sensible…

Right then – a rather busy weekend coming up – do come and join us if you have the chance…

Friday 25th – Assembly Inn, Bath
We played this one for the first time just a couple of months ago, and already they want us back. We must be doing something right; although possibly it’s just the entertainment value of watching us trying to figure out how to squeeze all the kit into such a small space…

Saturday 26th – Queen Vic, Stroud – 2-4pm
A real last-minute booking this one; a sunny Saturday afternoon at one of our favourite venues. What’s not to like?

Saturday 26th – The Messenger, Swindon, 9pm
Another recent booking, and it’ll be our second gig of the day; checking back, I see lovely daughter Lily played a gig here once; according to my records, there were three bare asses exposed, one fight, one case of accidental concussion and three of being sick on the floor. That was just for a solo acoustic gig. I’m expecting a lively night…

Sunday 27th – Woodlands Edge, Swindon
Back to Swindonsville again, for a Bank Holiday Special – should be another good night, although ideally with a bit less trouserless combat vomiting action.

And that, my dear friends, is that, for another week!

Square on

PS I hereby trademark the phrase “trouserless combat vomiting” for possible future use as an album name.

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