26-07-2016 – Roistering

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry this one is coming out a bit late this week – I’ve been fair mad busy. In fact, I still am, so I’ll keep this one pretty short, if that’s all right with you. We’ll make it up next week, we promise!

So – Saturday night, and it’s off to Queen Amy’s Railway Tavern in Fishponds, for a very jolly evening of roistering. After a week’s holiday away in the sunshine, our Rosa was slightly more tanned, and (if possible) even more excitable than usual. Bless!

To keep things amusing, we brought along my offspring to play a few numbers in the break between sets – and a mighty fine job they made of it, too. Rather better than I did, I suspect. Particular kudos to young Joe, who’s bass unexpectedly died, so he had to play the set with Ben’s borrowed spare (which currently sports a rather striking leopard skin fur finish) – in fact, it looked rather good on him. Somewhere there’s some photos, just to prove I’m not making this up.

All in all a lovely evening, nice to see some old mates there, and a jolly bouncy time was had by all.

Right then, moving swiftly on…

Friday 29th – King William IV, Bath
A little pub up on Combe Down – they’re a bit different in here, and this is me saying that. And, I think they’d be rather pleased with that description. Great fun!

Saturday 30th – Molloy’s, Bristol
I love this gig, it’s always busy and always lively. I also hate it, because we have to carry the kit up loads of stairs, and the stage is cramped. And because afterwards it’s impossible to get the kit out through the crowd until the DJ has finished playing S Club 7 dance anthems. So – earplugs and Travel Scrabble it is then!

Finally – a shameless plug for daughter Lily B, who is playing an acoustic all-dayer (she’s on around 7:30pm) at the Fleece on Sunday 31st. After some time away from gigging due to academic distractions, she’s kicking off her acoustic live originals stuff again. Music’s on all day from midday, sprogs are apparently welcome, if you want a cheapie advance ticket for a fiver, give me a shout.

And that, as they say

Is that.

Square on

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