Duck Race

04-07-2016 – Duck Race

Hey gang

Another fun night out in Keynsham; up at the Trout, where there was the usual messy beer-spilling mayhem from the locals. My favourite moment of the evening occurred when Rosa decides she needs the whole pub to join with a dance move – and asks for suggestions from the audience. When none are forthcoming, as usual she picks on someone.

“You there, the lady at the back – what’s your name?”

“Er…it’s Theresa…”

“Right, Theresa, show everybody your favourite dance move”.

Theresa is too shy, and vigorously shakes her head, and waves her arms in front of her in a “no, no, no” fashion.

Rosa instantly copies her. “Come everybody, let’s all do the Theresa!”

And so they do.

It was much less disturbing than the other dance move I noticed later in the night. Really, I think that twerking should by law be reserved for the under-60s.

I suggest to Ben that for future gigs, we should make up a small, sober “No Twerking” sign to hang on the speakers.

He looks puzzled. “Remember, I’m from Yorkshire”, he points out. “Where I come from, ‘T’werk’ means ‘place of employment’”.

After we’re done and packed up, the landlord insists we play a game of “Duck Racing” with him. It’s a fairly straightforward blow football-related game, requiring a bowl of water, two small plastic ducks, and four contestants each with a straw. It doesn’t end well – Stuart filmed the contest, trust me, well worth a look.

Saturday at the Anchor in Bishopston was another jolly fun night; several very happy punters, one of whom was even moved to buy us all a drink Top man!

Coming up this weekend..

Saturday 9th – Queen Vic, Stroud
Oooh, the Queen Vic – one of our favourites. Plenty of room for dancing and prancing about, and they all go a bit mental. Maybe we will, too. Who can tell?.

Sunday 10th – Duke of Edinburgh, Gorse Hill, Swindon – 3pm start.
A nice peaceful Sunday afternoon – what better way to ruin it for everyone than by going to Swindon and making a horrible loud racket?

Right, thassit for now – we’ll see y’all round

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