The Black Castle

16-05-2016 – The Black Castle

Well hello there; do come in, we’ve been expecting you…

Right then, what just happened this weekend? Anybody remember?

This is the problem with having too nice a time at the weekend, and thinking “Oh, bugger it, I’ll write the blog up on Monday” – you can’t remember anything that happened before yesterday.

I could try making something up, but that doesn’t usually end well. Tell you what, if you lot write in and tell me what you’d like me to make up for next week, I’ll do that. Actually – here’s a better idea – you lot write in and tell me what style you’d like next week’s episode to be written in – since we’ve already covered film noire and swords-and-sorcery fantasy, you could choose (for example) a Western, a sci-fi theme, soy thriller, or anything else that take your fancy. Personally, I’d like something featuring lime jelly and lots of cheerleaders, but it’s your call.

In the meantime, I have managed to recall some scraps of memory from Saturday night – the Yew Tree in Warminster was rather enjoyable; it was great to see our old pal Doug again, and also local journo Charles, who very kindly brought us along some sweeties – take note people, this is the kind of thing that we like – but they also had a very stumbly chap in, who spent the entire evening falling over and bumping into walls, chairs, people, and in particular, one of our PA speakers. Rosa dived to catch it, along with a couple of the locals managed to stop it falling over completely. Since we were only a few bars from the end of the song, Ben and I both made a swift mental calculation, concluded that they had the situation covered, and carried on playing – forcing Rosa to keep singing the last couple of lines whilst trying to stop a heavy speaker tottering over and crushing her to death.

We managed to finish the song, and then we went over and rescued her. True professionalism, spoilt only by the fact the two songs later she was having so much fun dancing around that she forgot to sing…

Right then, coming up this weekend…

Friday 20th – Black Castle, Brislington
This is a great place – some Victorian chappie built himself a large mock castle, for no explicable reason other than he wanted one. Eventually it was taken over and now contains a Wetherspoons-stylie pub, and it struck me on the occasion when I went in there – Lily highly recommends the chocolate pizza, by the way – that, with some suitable modifications, it would make a brilliant night club. And here we are playing a gig in it. Tempted to say we should go in suitable mediaeval fancy dress. I think I’d look lovely in a wimple.

Saturday 21st – Molloy’s, Bath
I didn’t even know there was a Molloy’s in Bath. I’m assuming it’s like the one in Bristol, in which it will be lively, sweaty, bouncy, and full of lots of Young People Who Have Drunk To Excess. Should be a hoot. I’ll be the one in a wimple…

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