Fire Escape

01-06-2015 – Near Fire Escape Heart Attack

And, on this fine sunny day, may I wish a warm welcome to all our readers.

And for our non-readers: – Well, unfortunately, you won’t be able to read, that, will you?

So – I know – here’s a nice “warm welcome-y” picture, just for you…


Right, that’s that out of the way, then…

Friday night, and the “Rum Bar” in Chepstow. After several laps of the one-way system. We finally found it, and were faced with two disappointments.

Disappointment One: It turned out to be a tropical-type-cocktail-bar. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d been kinda hoping that everybody in there would be pirates…

Disappointment Two: It was upstairs. All of our big, heavy, unwieldy kit had to be hauled up a fire escape, and then all the way through the long bar, weaving in and out of tables, before we got to our allotted corner.

Still, we managed to get everything in without anybody succumbing to a coronary (although actually I think I got pretty close), and actually had a rather nice time of it, with Ben in particular enjoying the view. We ended playing rather longer than intended, I suspect partly just to delay the inevitable hauling-all-the-kit-back-down-those-bloody-stairs… Apart from that it was fine and the bar staff were nice n’ friendly too!

Saturday morning dawned fair and bright, all set for a lovely family day out in Shirehampton at Avonmouth RFC’s music festival. A very fine stage and nice tasty PA system, beautiful sunshine, and with only slightly gale-force winds, the Polar Bear Cheese Pirates From Outer Space took to the stage bang on time, and very nearly in time as well. We played an hour-long set, which seemed to go down rather well, and then stuffed ourselves with food and drink, and set about the serious business of sitting in the sunshine watching the other bands; in particular, it was a treat to see our awesome pal Becky with her hugely enjoyable band the Black Crash. Lovely stuff! Sadly, I had to miss their last number, as AUF had another appointment over near Chippenham, and Lou was already sitting in her car outside my house wondering where the hell I’d gotten to…

So, a race home, frantic unloading and reloading of appropriate kit into the van, and then it was off out back on the road again. The gig turned out to be in a rather posh hotel / inn kinda place, and – every gigging musician’s dream – there was limitless free food…

Right then, a relatively quiet weekend coming up…

Saturday 13th – Green Dragon, Marlborough
Nice friendly pub, very good beer and a regular jolly crowd who don’t need too much coaxing to have a silly time. There’s a very nice lady who gets cheerfully tipsy and hugs everybody until her amiably patient husband finally gets bored and gently takes her home, which is nice.

Right, thassit for now. Gotta go!

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