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01-06-2015 – Kebab & Inflatables

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

It seems that lots of people took my advice last Saturday, and left the car at home… Molloy’s was once again filled with people who were – depending on your point of view – either absolutely rubbish at drinking, or very good indeed. There was a definite air of unsteadiness about a large proportion of the crowd, evidenced by the fact that our lighting rig, following a good stumbling-into from one of the punters, majestically took a topple floor wards towards the end of the first set. It was saved from disaster by our eagle-eyed lovely pal Sue, who spotted its downward trajectory, and leaping into action, managed to actually catch it before it smashed full-on into the floorboards.

She was then stuck holding it there for the remainder of the song, unable either to lift it back upright or put it down, while we helpfully giggled away at her as we tried to keep the song going…

During the second set, things went from daft to silly, and by the end of the night the floor was awash with dodgy lager, and our toy box mysteriously empty…

Still, at least I can cheer myself up with the thought of how they’ll have felt waking up in Sunday morning and trying to work out how they ended up in bed with a kebab for a pillow next to an inflatable guitar, and whether or not they had attempted to consummate the relationship….

…or indeed, with the inflatable guitar….

Anyways, on to more savoury matters – next week, we’re going abroad – well, kinda

Friday 5th June – The Rum Bar, Chepstow
A new one for us, and because it’s in Foreign Parts I’ve been studying the language carefully; and so I think if I can get Lou to start the set by walking onstage and bellowing out “Dim Parcio, Newport!!!”, that should go down a treat.

Saturday 6th  – Well, a busy day coming up
I’ll be spending the afternoon with my loud offspring – since they “still haven’t found a proper guitar player yet”, I’m apparently still a member of the Polar Bear Cheese Pirates From Outer Space – and we’ll be making a big ol’ racket at Avonmouth RFCs festival fundraiser, kicking things off from 2pm. I hope the weather holds out….

And, in the evening, it’s back with AUF to play a birthday party Somewhere in Chippenham. I won’t tell you where, partly cos I can’t remember, and partly cos you weren’t invited. Unless, of course, you’re an attractive young lady with a predilection for carrying heavy amplifiers in and out of vans… because if that’s the case – you are most certainly invited…

Right, I gotta go now, I heard a rumour there was beer in the fridge – it’ll catch its death, poor thing…

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