26-05-2015 – Roadie

Right then, quiet at the back, there… …If you’re all sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin…

Friday night’s expedition to Mangotsfield turned out to be – well, let’s call it a moral victory. At least we know that every single person in the audience thoroughly enjoyed our little game of “jukebox”, whereby they shout out songs, and we see if we can play them. We know that every single person enjoyed it, because we know their names – so, to Tony, Neil, and Donna – it was our pleasure, guys!

Saturday’s outing to the Woodland’s Edge in Swindon was rather more conventionally successful – in fact , we had a rather fantastic night, with lots of bonkers dancing, shouting, whooping, singing along and general good-natured silliness. This time, from the crowd as well.

We were particularly fond of a very nice lady called Julie, who came up to us afterwards and breathlessly showered us with probably undeserved amounts of compliments and praise, and then begged to be allowed to be our roadie.

We immediately said yes, she most certainly could – at which she looked as though she was about to burst with excitement.

We looked thoughtfully at the huge pile of very heavy equipment, and then cautiously asked if she was sure she knew exactly what it is that a roadie does.

“Er… not really?”

We explained.

Her lovely face fell.

Ben grins. “You were thinking of something else, weren’t you…?”

She assumes an air of stoic determination. “Oh, well, never mind, I’ll do the carrying thing instead, then. Will I have to change out of these shoes?”

Some kind friends gently lead her off and away from the wickedly corrupting influence of the naughty rawk’n’roll desperadoes, and we set about tidying the toys away.

So, coming up this weekend – just the one outing, but it’s liable to be another lively one…

Saturday 30th – Molloy’s, Bristol
Brilliant for dancing, great for drinking, terrible for parking. Leave the car at home for this one, is my advice.

Finally – yes, folks, you learn something new every week – there is in fact such a thing as roadie jokes….

>I really like my new East European roadie. He’s a sound Czech guy.
>My roadie training isn’t going well; I’m having trouble testing the mikes … I have to see my boss later for a one-two-one…
>Oasis used to have a very loyal roadie, who would never accept work from rival bands. He did come to regret having turned down that Blur job he was once offered in Newcastle, though…

Square on

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