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11-05-2015 – Guitar Madness 2 With Added Politics

Yoho Ahoy!

[editor’s note: this one really started last week, see Guitar Madness]

All right, I’ll say this only once.

Which one of you lot thought it would be funny to vote the greedy thieving fascists back in for another five years, then?

Well, we know for a fact it wasn’t anyone from down in sophisticated Westbury; that’s because, based on the straw poll of drunk women who came marching up to Ben and I on Saturday night at our Charlie’s Bar gig, to loudly announce, unasked, who they voted for, it seems everyone there voted for UKIP.

But, they’re not racist – as every single one of them, to our vast amusement, was keen to point out.

“It’s not that Oi’ve got anything against immigrants” one of them explained unsteadily, “Oi just don’t like bombs”.

Ah, well, that all makes sense now. And to think I was concerned that the average UKIP voter might be a little hard of thinking.

Anyways, on to happier things – fluffy kittens, and the like – in fact, even better than fluffy kittens – my beloved Dem has just bought me a new guitar. No, really. Rather took me by surprise, did that.Since we had a couple of hours to kill in town, at her suggestion we went into the guitar shop…

“Oh, look, that’s the one I was playing with last week”, I said, “Really nice”.

“Let’s hear it, then”, she says.

Ten minutes of plank-spanking later:-

“Well, I think we should buy it” she tells me.

“Oh, no, we couldn’t possibly, it’s quite expensive…. Oh, go on then.”

I was so happy I didn’t even whinge about the outrageous parking fee (it’s actually almost as cheap in Bristol now to park where the hell you like, and pay the fine).

So – big smiley face time! Not only that, but two gigs in Bristol coming up next weekend, AND the mighty Ride Of Respect on Sunday morning…

Friday 15th – The Trident, Downend
It usually gets quite lively in here; I might even try out my shiny new axe if I get it set up in time…

Saturday 16th – Portcullis, Fishponds
The pub’s apparently changed hands since last time we were here; I haven’t changed hands. Then again, I have changed guitars. We’ll have to try and finish at a sensible time, because we need to get up RIDICULOUSLY early in the morning…

Sunday 17th – Ride Of Respect, Hullavington
Yup, once again we’re honoured to be playing for several thousand bikers as they assemble before setting off on the annual charity fundraiser run. And this time, we won’t be horrendously hungover (and, in some cases, still slightly pissed) when we start. Hopefully, though, it won’t affect our performance too much. Ahem.

Right, thassit for now, I have some very important guitar-stroking to be getting on with… [editor’s note: honestly, Alan has serious issues, can anyone help?]

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