Jack Daniels

23-03-2015 – Jack Daniels

Hey gang

Seems like ages since the rawk’n’roll leviathan that is Angel Up Front surfaced from the murky depths of the abyss, but we’re just about to emerge blinking into the unfamiliar sunlight, dripping salty fluids and, quite possibly, encrusted with barnacles.

In the meantime, I for one have had a manically non-rawk’n’roll weekend, involving much rebuilding of gardens and shouting at children – sometimes my own – and, all in all, I really can’t remember what all the fuss was about at work last week. I’m pretty sure I was very worried at the amount of jolly important and desperately urgent things I hadn’t managed to get finished by the end of last Friday; but I’m damned if I can remember what they were. Possibly the answer lies inside the bottle of Jack Daniels that lurks in the kitchen cupboard. I shall have to investigate that possibility; rather thoroughly, I feel…

Ah well, not to worry, I dare say once I get back into the office tomorrow, somebody will come along and remind me what it was I had to do that was so important…

In the meantime, I do recall we have some gigs coming up (actually this is a total lie, I didn’t recall it at all, I had to look it up…)

Friday 27th Old Neighbourhood, Chalford, near Stroud
Far up in the dark mysterious hills, it’s a lovely little pub perched up way from everywhere, and it’s always exciting if only because we’ve never managed to reach it using the same route as last time. If any of our Stroud-based chums haven’t been there before, I can heartily recommend it.

Saturday 28th Molloy’s Bristol
Basically, we huddle together on a tiny stage, make a rather loud noise, and hundreds of massively drunk people leap around all night to it. In its own way, it’s rather good fun.

Meanwhile, as a special treat, here is the first of our occasional series; “Musicians with crippling hangovers”.

Builds week by week, until I get bored with it, into an elegant collection of photographic portraits of individuals who have imbibed to apocalyptic excess the previous night, yet still have to heroically stagger up onto a stage and produce a horrendous cacophony. If you have any such photos available and would like to send them in for others to enjoy, please feel free to do so. I’m kinda anticipating that Keith Richards will get a whole series to himself. In the meantime, here is our very own Ben wincing in the early morning sunshine at last year’s Ride Of Respect…

Ben hangover

Right, that’s your lot for now, Uncle Jack is a-callin’ me…

Square on


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