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09-02-2015 – Deepest Zummerzet

Hey folks

Well, Friday at the Red Lion in Staple Hill started off in a slightly disappointing way, with an hour’s wait before we could start playing, thanks to the England – Wales match. And after all that, the Welsh didn’t even win. Still, once we got going, it was a fine night, we were just banging out tune after tune trying to fit as much in as we could in the remaining time. Strangely, my suggestion that we play everything a double speed was not met with universal approval – Ben instead choosing to save time by playing one song while I was playing another.

Had we thought about this earlier, we could have had all four us playing different songs at the same time, done it at double speed, and got the whole gig done in twenty minutes. But, as it was, at least we were treated to some epic show-off dance routines from the locals, poor Lou was laughing so much she was struggling to keep it together.

Saturday night, and we rolled up to the distant (from everywhere else) village of Stoke St Michael in deepest Zummerzet, to find – once again – that we have to wait, this time for a large bunch of folks to have their dinner, before we can start setting up. Not to worry, to keep us amused they give us an enormous bowl of chips to pass the time. Free food for musicians [editor’s note: actually it was £3 but it was a lot of chips!] – this will become law once I am elected World President.

Once again it’s a silly night, with much dancing and looning around, and not even from us, for once. As we’re packing up, a game of Pub Fight breaks out by the door, and it quickly becomes apparent that this is A Game The Whole Family Can Play. And, (possibly because this is a rather remote village), it seems that pretty much everybody in the pub is therefore entitled to join in…

However, the game is swiftly bundled out into the street, and we get to finish packing up unmolested and trundle off safely into the freezing night.

Coming up this weekend – just the one, and it’s another new venue for us. This time we’ll be up in Gloucestershire for a change, so if any of our chums from those dark parts are reading this – you know who you are – we hope you haven’t made any other plans…

Saturday 14th – Marlborough Arms, Fairford
Don’t know anything about this one, except the postcode. Mind you, the postcode for last Saturday’s gig seemed to cover about ten square miles, so we may have a bit of fun finding it…

Thassit for now, I’ve got to go and help Dem sort out this year’s holiday plans.

Apparently she wants to go to Switzerland; I’m not that keen myself, although their flag is a big plus…

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