06-01-2014 – Pizza express special

Yo homeys!

My, that was a cracking good start to the year – the Queen Vic up in Stroud doesn’t usually let us down, and this time it certainly didn’t. Admittedly the first half was a little bit quieter than usual, but as we started the second set, suddenly the place was full of enthusiastic eejits dancing merrily around, singing along, falling over a bit, and generally being hugely entertaining.

The audience were pretty lively, too.

Afterwards, Lou decided to celebrate, by buying us all a drink, and then led us across the road to grab some grub (liking her leadership style, there); after a long wait for food in the nice warm takeaway shop, we finally remembered to actually order some, and when it turned up, we set off into the freezing night for home.

Lou immediately wolfs down her half of the pizza, and then promptly falls asleep curled up over the pizza box, leaving me to drive home starving with my hands full of steering wheel, accompanied by the tantalising whiff of my half of a Spicy Beef Special and the sound of contented snoring.

Gotta admire her style…

More fun on the horizon this week…

Friday 10th The Ring O’Bells, Coalpit Heath
Never played here before – in fact, I’ve never set foot inside in there, despite it being just up the road. Still, the folks there have never been to my house either, and with a bit of luck after Friday, they will never find out where I live….

Saturday 11th – Green Dragon, Marlborough
They’re a good bunch in here, even if the local constabulary are a little zealous with their breathalysers – although after last time, when Lou insisted they breathalyse her as well as me, and then started trying to get them to bring the entire police station along to our next gig, they probably have the van on their list of vehicles to avoid stopping….

No intellectual jokes this week, so you’ll have to make do with some redneck humour: –

Dwayne, Billy-Bob and Cooter are sitting at the corner bar, when Billy-Joe walks in looking distressed.

“Ted, you look awful. What’s wrong?” Dwayne asks.

Billy-Joe says, “Last night I got really drunk and I was abducted by an alien.”

Everyone is shocked. Billy-Bob asks, “What did the alien do to you?”

“All I remember is being anally probed,” Billy-Joe says.

Everyone is horrified. “I heard that they’ll do that!” Cooter says.

“What did the alien look like?”

Billy-Joe responds, “Hank.”

Square on

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