02-01-2014 – New year oven glove special

Well, a Merry New Year to all our readers…

After a rather fine festive break, we rolled into action for Queen Amy’s New Year’s Bash at the lovely Railway in Fishponds – and a hugely fun time we had of it. Despite a few technical glitches (involving breaking guitar straps, mysterious pedal malfunctions and me inadvertently kicking my footswitch over), we had a rather fine time indeed – helped by the attendance of quite a clutch of our favourite people, and not least by the judicious arrangements I’d made which meant I didn’t have to drive home. By the time we’d finished the first set, I’d run them out of Newcastle Brown, so had to switch to real beer, in real glasses (which is nicer, but if you knock it over you can’t save it – this week’s Handy Hint For The Gigging Muso) – and luckily they didn’t run out of that at all. Despite my best efforts. ?.

My beloved Dem came along as well and got merrily trollied, even performing her legendary “Oven Glove Dance” – and I think bonus points to landlord Mark, who didn’t even bat an eyelid when I clambered over the crowds at the bar to ask to borrow a pair of said items for her. He simply nodded, disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a pair, with the sage words, “I’m not even thinking about asking why”.

Louisa played a blinder, demanding to be given a “rum & brandy” over the mike, and actually succeeding in having one delivered to her whilst singing; this kept her so happy that she forgot to deploy her secret weapon for the evening – a water pistol cunningly loaded with cider for between-song refreshment, with an option on deterring cheeky audience members.

So, we had a fine jumpy around time, played through 3 sets and even got to try out the band’s new role reversal routine, which worked rather well – even though Ben could hardly speak for several minutes afterwards, and Lou’s back may never be the same again. Marvellous stuff.

As we were yattering away afterwards, Lou told us she was quite excited about her new six-piece all-girl band project, and asked if we had any suggestions for band names.

I promptly suggested they call themselves “Doesn’t It?”, which cause Ben to immediately collapse in a fit of giggling.

Lou just looked mystified. “Why would we call ourselves that?”

“Well, because if you’re six girls, then between you, you’ll have a dozen… Oh, never mind”.

I was treated to a Hard Stare and a quick salvo from the cider pistol.

Somewhere around 5am Ben and I finally made it back to his place, getting up shortly afterwards to find that both our brains had been stolen in the night, and replaced with cheap moron ones which didn’t quite fit and consequently were extremely painful. Then a trudge back through the pouring rain to the pub, load up the van and then shamble round the corner for a “kill or cure” breakfast complete with unnerving swirly carpet and “difficult” cutlery– well, at least the bacon was cured…

Anyways, after that rip-roaring start, we’ll be kicking off 2014 in fine style, with one of our favourite regular outings

Saturday 4th Jan – Queen Vic, Stroud
I really hope my brain is working again by the time we get there. I just might need it to come up with a very good reason why I’m out gigging while Dem stays at home on our wedding anniversary. I’m sure I’ll think of something…

Meanwhile here is PC Ben proudly displaying his brain cell count on Noo Year’s Eve…

PC Ben

Square on


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