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06-01-2014 – Pizza express special

Yo homeys!

My, that was a cracking good start to the year – the Queen Vic up in Stroud doesn’t usually let us down, and this time it certainly didn’t. Admittedly the first half was a little bit quieter than usual, but as we started the second set, suddenly the place was full of enthusiastic eejits dancing merrily around, singing along, falling over a bit, and generally being hugely entertaining.

The audience were pretty lively, too.

Afterwards, Lou decided to celebrate, by buying us all a drink, and then led us across the road to grab some grub (liking her leadership style, there); after a long wait for food in the nice warm takeaway shop, we finally remembered to actually order some, and when it turned up, we set off into the freezing night for home. READ MORE