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02-01-2014 – New year oven glove special

Well, a Merry New Year to all our readers…

After a rather fine festive break, we rolled into action for Queen Amy’s New Year’s Bash at the lovely Railway in Fishponds – and a hugely fun time we had of it. Despite a few technical glitches (involving breaking guitar straps, mysterious pedal malfunctions and me inadvertently kicking my footswitch over), we had a rather fine time indeed – helped by the attendance of quite a clutch of our favourite people, and not least by the judicious arrangements I’d made which meant I didn’t have to drive home. By the time we’d finished the first set, I’d run them out of Newcastle Brown, so had to switch to real beer, in real glasses (which is nicer, but if you knock it over you can’t save it – this week’s Handy Hint For The Gigging Muso) – and luckily they didn’t run out of that at all. Despite my best efforts. ?. READ MORE