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14-07-2014 – Potentially Embarrassing Social Faux Pas Special

Good morning campers!

Well, it was another busy week in rawk’n’roll; young Lily’s first gig for ages on Thursday, over at what turned out to be a very friendly pub in Ludgershall; they helped carry the kit in, they danced and sang in all the right places, they bought some of her CDs, and they even paid us more than the agreed amount. We’ll be back!

Friday and another outing for Lil, this time to our beloved Queen Amy’s to fill in for a late cancellation; not being sure of a crowd, we brought our own, including about half of Da Family and some good ol’ mates as well. Very nice night indeed. READ MORE

07-07-2014 – All On Ice

Ahoy there!

Well, a mighty fine summer weekend’s entertainment there…

When we arrived at Stanshawe’s Court on Friday, it turned out to be an enormous old mansion-turned-into-family-pub affair. Hence, among the usual pub crowd, there were several families just finishing eating as we started to set up.

One little girl pointed at Ben and I, and whispered something into her dad’s ear.

“She wants to know if you play ‘Frozen’”, he grinned at us.

“What, that song from the Disney film?” asks Ben. READ MORE

30-06-2014 – Just 2 Gigs

Yo peeps!

Right, pay attention at the back there, I’ll keep this nice and one short… partly ‘cos we didn’t play this weekend, so there’s nothing to report, and partly ‘cos I’m just lazy.

On the assumption that Stuart returns safely from Glasters intact, and hasn’t run off to join the “Rainbow Village Universal Trucking Company”, or similar, then this weekend we have a double-header treat for Bristol residents: –

Friday 4th July – Stanshawe’s Court Inn, Yate
Never played this one before. But we have played Yate before; although we’re kinda hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised this time. You never know. Sometimes they have mad people pogo-ing for twenty minutes, then going for a little lie-down under the table to recover… and then jumping back up to do it all over again. READ MORE