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30-06-2014 – Just 2 Gigs

Yo peeps!

Right, pay attention at the back there, I’ll keep this nice and one short… partly ‘cos we didn’t play this weekend, so there’s nothing to report, and partly ‘cos I’m just lazy.

On the assumption that Stuart returns safely from Glasters intact, and hasn’t run off to join the “Rainbow Village Universal Trucking Company”, or similar, then this weekend we have a double-header treat for Bristol residents: –

Friday 4th July – Stanshawe’s Court Inn, Yate
Never played this one before. But we have played Yate before; although we’re kinda hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised this time. You never know. Sometimes they have mad people pogo-ing for twenty minutes, then going for a little lie-down under the table to recover… and then jumping back up to do it all over again. READ MORE

23-06-2014 – Whooping and dancing


Oh, the madness continues. After two weeks off, a jet lagged Stuart is just back from Cuba, Lou is barely able to stand up having blistered her feet into oblivion by foolishly going running (it’s not like she doesn’t have a car), and Ben and I are both knackered sideways from working…  and we have a Harley Owner’s Group rally to play.

Actually, I think we held it all together rather well. For the first set, and most of the second, it all went swimmingly, with much singing along, dancing, whooping, and general silliness; then, suddenly, most of the merry bikers disappeared off the dance floor, not to be seen again. READ MORE