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15-12-2014 – Firemen

Yo ho-ho-homeys (see what I did there?)

Well, it appears to be the gig-cancelling season – not only was last Saturday’s planned outing to the Ferndale Club in sunny Swindon called off due to some double-booking high jinks at their end, but also this coming Friday’s bash at the Reckless Engineer in Bristol is also abandoned thanks to some fairly spectacular ineptitude on their part. Still, there are some gigs surviving…

…Last Friday, for example; when we went all the way down to sunny Wincanton in deepest darkest Zummerzet – hadn’t realised quite how far away it was until I got there (eh??) whereupon I immediately sent a warning text back to Lou to be sure to leave in good time, to make sure she had a full tank of petrol and ample food supplies with her, and Not To Stray From The Path or talk to any naughty goblins on the way. As it turned out, I was later told that Wincanton is in fact twinned with Ankh-Morpork – so I wasn’t too far wrong. READ MORE

08-12-2014 – BakerLou

Ahoy there shipmates!

Right, I really have completely run out of time for writing this one, so fasten your safety belts and switch on your spell checkers, here we go….

Friday night down at Charlie’s Bar in Westbury – a new one for us, so just to give that professional impression, we got there late (taking a 4-mile short cut through the narrow lanes near Lou’s house, within 200 yards of the exit into proper roads again, we find a broken down van with a breakdown truck blocking the road; nowhere to turn around, and I don’t fancy my chances reversing round twisty lanes in the dark for 4 miles, so we wait… and wait…). READ MORE