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16-01-2023 – Another Post For Time Travellers

Ahoy there shipmates!

We trust you all had a suitably splendiferous festering season, although for me at least, it is but a distant memory.

But then again, so is yesterday, and so is my drive in to work this morning. In fact, it’s not even a memory at all. I’m not entirely sure how I got here. Perhaps an alien abduction scenario is afoot. I wonder if I should call the local paper and alert them… (Although they currently have many exciting local stories already. A couple of days ago – and I swear this is true – they reported that a man was fined £588 for dropping a fag end in Thornbury High Street, as witnessed by one of the council’s “street enforcement officers”).

I had no idea our area was such a hotbed of criminal activity. Just wait until they find out that sometimes I lick the butter knife….

Anyway, I seem to have gotten distracted again. Here’s the point – we have our first gig of a shiny new 2023 this weekend, and it’s a relatively early civilized time on a Sunday evening…

Sunday 22nd – The Crown, Staple Hill High Street – 6:45 pm start

Nice friendly little local, and what is basically a teatime gig on a Sunday, so everybody can still get home early enough to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tongued ready for work in the morning.

It’s been a few weeks since we last gigged, so perhaps I’d better go and dust off the amps and make they’re still working properly. Oh, the neighbours will be pleased…

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