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30-01-2017 – Goodbye, Hello

Hey gang!

Well, that was a sad occasion – Rosa played her last ever gig with us on Friday, over in Bath at the friendly little New Crown Inn. We’re truly sorry to see her go, she’s been an absolute little bundle of fun, a superb musician and brilliant performer, and I think it’s fair to say that we all came to absolutely adore her. In fact, several members of my family petitioned me to allow us to adopt her. Her canny response to immediately enquire about the terms and conditions relating to pocket money…

Still, the lure of the Jazz Pixies was too great (and, to be fair, maybe the stress of hauling round a series of pubs with three idiots may have been a factor too). Goes without saying that we wish her all the best, and we have promised to keep in touch; and we also know that, wherever the rustle of chocolate wrappers can be heard, she will be there in spirit with us.

We’ve yet to announce a permanent replacement, but for the next few weeks at least, we’ll be keeping the machine rolling in fine style with delightful daughter Lily B fronting us. Since she already knows most of the songs, has a belting voice and is extremely gifted in the musical department (thanks, I like to think, in no small part, to the three guitar chords I managed to teach her before she stopped listening to me and figured the rest out for herself), it’ll be a seamless transition, at least until she runs out of patience with the buffoonery from the other three of us.

So.. that should be a least a week, then and at least time to play this gig…

Friday 3rd Feb – Red Lion, Paulton
A late booking, this one; in fact, last time we played here, it was a late booking as well. Maybe we’re their last resort. Nonetheless, I do recall that we rather liked the owners, not least because they let us play with their magnificent Gothic Throne Of Evil, the finest, most elaborate chair – replete with dragon gargoyles, skulls, bats etc – that we have ever seen. So, even if nobody turns up, we can have fun taking turns to sit in the fancy chair.

Right, that’ll have to do for now – I leave you with the very worst joke I heard this week (thanks, Paul..)

As I was walking passed Horfield Prison yesterday, I noticed a dwarf climbing down the outside wall on a rope made from knotted bedsheets. He looked down at me and sneered.

I thought, “That’s a little condescending…”

You’re welcome

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