Intelligent life on earth

01-10-2015 – Space Mission

Captain’s log, star date 735.41

Having sent a landing party down to the surface of the planet Trident, in the Shabby quadrant of the Downend system, we set up our scientific equipment and attempted to discern if there was any native intelligent life down there.

Despite some early positive readings, we were beginning to suspect that we weren’t going to find anything more advanced than basic pond life organisms, when suddenly we stumbled across a new species of apparently alcohol-based life form, which provided much opportunity for interesting scientific study.

The bizarre extrovert behaviour from the male specimens seemed at least in part to constitute some kind of primitive mating ritual; although when the females appeared unresponsive, the males nonetheless continued their efforts unabated – if anything, with increased enthusiasm. They also seemed to be quite inquisitive, and appeared to enjoy playing with our equipment – to the point where one of them had to have a microphone gently prised out of his fingers, long after everything else had been packed away safely into the shuttle craft.

Still, an interesting exploratory mission, and I am sure that we will return to this strange alien world some time in the future to make further studies.

In fact, despite the pub being fairly quiet early on, we (as usual) had an enjoyable time, and I guess it was kind of fittingly strange, being our last time out with Lou singing – she’ll be off to Dubai in a few weeks to go and play in a function band, which will be realising several of her major ambitions in one go – i.e. for once, she won’t be complaining about it being too cold, also she’ll be several thousand miles away from the nearest rubber-chicken wielding drummer, and won’t have to put up with band members singing childish and usually obscene variations on the lyrics, whilst forcing her to wear a variety of ridiculous hats half-way through a performance.

I wonder if she’ll miss us….

Meanwhile, coming up – no rest for the wickered (Stuart at least being a confirmed basket case) – this weekend, we’re taking Rosa off to sunny South Wales…

Fri October 2nd – Rum Bar, Chepstow
Last time, this was actually quite a good gig, spoilt only by the fact that you have to haul all the kit up three flights of a fire escape, before negotiating it through a crowded bar of people trying to eat, and then trying to all squeeze it in to a bizarre three-dimensional pyramid shaped corner so you can play it. On the plus side, the venue is almost impossible to find, as well.

And to think that only last weekend, Rosa was playing a gig at the Colston Hall.

She’s so lucky to be working with us now…

Square on


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