Sheep, Abergavenny Food Fest

13-04-2015 – Wales


And, as what passes for a tropical heatwave in the UK slips away into the familiar springtime grey chill, and another weekend devoid of gigging fun slips quietly past (Well, actually, I had a very pleasant weekend, as it happens, thank you very much!) at last we can look forward to a relatively normal weekend coming up – i.e. one with some gigs in it!

Friday 17th April – Auberge, Abergavenny
Now, having spent some nine years living over the bridge up in the mountainous peaks of South Wales, I happen to know in advance that Abergavenny is the name of the town, which presumably means that Auberge is the name of the venue. Although it does sound rather more like the name of a fictional Belgian detective, or possibly even some kind of clever figure skating move, than the name of a pub in South Wales, which usually tend to have sensible names like “The New Inn”, and “The Old Tavern”, and possibly even “The Middle Aged Hostelry”. In any case, I think it’s fair to assume it will be a rather more upmarket establishment than the ones we used to frequent over there. I recall one time going in the local miner’s club, (when they had only recently allowed women to actually go and order their own drinks) one of the more elderly staff in up in the valleys expressed concern at my beloved Dem going up to order herself a pint at the bar…

“A whole pint??? Are you sure, love…?”

She fixed him with a steely gaze. “Why, what’s wrong with it…?”

Saturday 18th – The Old Bank, Keynsham
We’ve not played here before, but Lou did recently with her duo outfit, and tells us that it really is a very small space to play in. If it’s too cramped, I hereby vote that we make Ben stand outside in the street to play the gig – his wireless seems to have a longer range than mine does these days… and besides, it’ll free up more space. Actually, better still, if we can get Stuart to play in the street…

Mind you, although I’ve been living back in Bristol for nearly seventeen years now, just the other day somebody asked me “You ever miss Wales?”

“No”, I replied, “But I was runner-up two years in a row…”

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