Blue Lagoon

12-01-2015 – Blue Lagoon Birthday

Hi folks!

I wasn’t planning to write one of these this week, as we didn’t play any gigs this weekend, and we didn’t have any planned for next weekend.

However, the Gods Of Rock are fickle and unpredictable, and thus it transpires that this Friday, Angel Up Front have yet another appointment with destiny…

Friday Jan 16th – The Blue Lagoon, Gloucester Rd, Bristol
A new venue for us, but apparently it’s a rather popular hangout for the nocturnal denizens of the Horfield Strip. And, popular or otherwise, I shall be making a particular effort to hang out, seeing as it’s my birthday that day. I shall make a spirited attempt to persuade my lovely other half to drive the van so that I can (rather selflessly I feel) make sure I don’t to disappoint anybody in the area who may have come along for the sole purpose of buying me drinks. You are advised to come early to beat the queues…

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