Silly Rock

15-02-2016 – Silly Rock

What ho!

Well, another weekend in rawk’n’roll, another triumph of amiably bumbling about and somehow managing to overcome technical difficulties despite astronomical ineptitude…

Friday at the Trout started off none-too-well, as I discovered on setting up that my amp foot switch has suffered a nervous breakdown and so I have lost one channel of my amp. Never mind, at least it still makes a noise, it just means I’ll have to think about what I’m doing a bit carefully. Ben, meanwhile, has also lost his volume-boosting ability due to a cable failure – thus the pair of us spend the gig fiddling with our knobs a little more frantically than usual.

Still, we made it to the end of the night without mishap, and even the floor was dry at the end of the night – another first for the Trout regulars, usually it’s awash with cheap lager by half ten…

Saturday night, and the Barley Mow in Bath – it turns out to be quite a small place, and it only has one entrance, which is slap bang where I am supposed to stand. After a spirited interlude of three-dimensional amp Tetris, we manage to get everything set up, and Alan is less than delighted to find that the new switch he has soldered in to mend his amp is a duffer, and the switching mechanism collapse after exactly four operations. Oh well, another night fiddling with me knobs, I suppose. Also things do not bode well when we are asked to “turn it down” after sound checking, when we had the amps barely switched on… On the plus side, they sell a rather fine pint of Otter; and I am completely cheered by Rosa’s introduction: “Good evening, Bath – We are Angel Up Front, and we play Silly Rock!”

And so we do. It’s not long before there is some surprise dancing around going on, and the surprise is that it’s not even Rosa (largely because she has no room to move).

By the end of the night we’ve all had a jolly nice time, and so have the punters (even if they did get a little worn out before the end).

So, yet more repairs for me to do this week, and then we will be having a nice entertaining night out on Friday…

Friday 19th – Cat & Wheel, Gloucester Rd, Bristol
Now, then – this day is in fact a rather special day – it’s my beloved Dem’s 50th 27th birthday. So, what could be more romantic and caring than for me to bugger off out gigging? In an effort to avoid being voted Britain’s Worst Husband (now, why is that not already a Channel 4 series?) I shall be insisting that she comes out along with us, probably with daughter Lil to act as chaperone and make sure she doesn’t get into too many fights… You’re welcome to come and join us, but please note you may be searched for weapons and drugs as you enter the venue. If you don’t have any, these may be purchased from the small kiosk on the left hand side of the doorway.

Thas’ yer lot for now, I have soldering to do…

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