06-05-2014 – Gurlie rawk

Hey gang

Another weekend off for the mighty Angel Up Front rawk machine, although a busy week in the “other projects” world; Dem and I trundled down to the dear ol’ Bierkeller to catch the debut gig from Lou’s up-and-coming gurlie rawk originals outfit Stripped – and mighty fine they were, too. Ladies, we salute you!

And, this Thursday, is the album launch party bash for Stuart’s alt-art-politico-agit-prop (I don’t actually know what that last one means, but is kinda sounds good) urban neo-prog activists, The Real Kings Of Spain. Ben spent the weekend at the Temples metal-fest down in town. Me? I cut the grass…

However, we’re still finding time to fit in some full-on AUF action this weekend…

Friday 9th May – Parson’s Nose, Melksham
Usually starts around 10:00, usually finishes around late. In between, there’s the bit in the middle.It’ll probably have a fair quantity of loud noise, leaping around, and silliness in it.

Saturday 10th – Green Dragon, Marlborough
I like it in here, and not just because the pub sounds like it should feature somewhere in the Lord Of The Rings, but also because they’re usually quite lively in here, and they like a bit of a jump about. Oh yes, and the have an entertaining regular, a nice lady who gets very affectionate and hugs everybody after a few beers – sometimes twice. And the staff are nice and friendly too. But, mostly, for me, I think it’s the Lord Of The Rings thing.

Right, thas’ it for this week,

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