07-04-2014 – Jumping around wacked wireless


Well, back to Fishyponds again this week. This time to the dear ol’ Railway Tav, and it was lovely to see some ol’ mates again, as well as some newer ones again (yo, Tiff!).

We had a bit of an iffy start, as three songs in, my “jumping around like a twat” behaviour caused me to accidentally punch my wireless transmitter, which resulted in it (not entirely surprisingly) refusing to co-operate any more. Unfortunately, the bag with all the spare leads in was safely stashed outside in the van (ironically, to make room for said jumping around like a twat), so to get operational again I had to steal the lead out of Lou’s keyboard. Still, she will get to play it again soon…

In the meantime, she just had to make do with singing a couple of numbers wearing the rather fetching pirate’s hat and moustache combo that Ben and I had found for her. We are so good to that girl…

Despite being chained to my amp, in the end we had a rather fine night, with the whole place jumping around enthusiastically; I was particularly pleased with the efforts of my posse of attractive young air guitar ladies – good work, girls!

Finally (quite some while after time was called), we stopped, and somehow Ben and I invented the world’s most addictive game for idiots, the “catching in your mouth the beermat thrown by your opponent“ game. This occupied us happily for a full forty-five minutes, while Stu chatted merrily away to some pals at the other end of the pub, and poor Lou tidied up all the cables and packed up the kit on her ownsome. I guess we’re going to have to start being nice to her soon…

But, let’s not worry about that just yet. Coming up, we’re not in Fishyponds again, oh no, we’re in exotic distant Staple Hill instead…

Friday 11th – Red Lion, Staple Hill
We haven’t played here for a couple of years; it’s under new management now, so they have no idea what to expect. Last time, we played at the end of a long skittle alley, with acres of room to run about in (as long as you only wanted to go forwards or backwards). This time – well, we’ll see.

Saturday 12th – Ferndale Club, Swindon
Another new one for us, but as long as they have a few beermats for Ben and I to play with, we’ll be fine.

Right, thas’ your lot for this week, I leave you with this little insight into the kind of sensible behaviour we typically encounter from our loyal clientèle …

Dinosaur masks

Square on


And yes, that is indeed a Steel Panther t-shirt he’s wearing. Well spotted!

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