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Friday 21 May 10
We’re gonna Twit
Yes, we have given in to twitter, we are now twats that twit. Not sure who’s gonna keep it going but hey, lets give it a go.
Angel Up Front Twitter

Tuesday 17 November 09
We have a new bass player
Ben has joined us on bass and backing vocals.

Monday 05 October 09
New bass player wanted
Martin is leaving so we need a new new bass player, preferably with backing vocals. If you think you might be the bass player for us then contact us!

Monday 30 March 09
New .tel thingy
Now don’t get too excited cuz really it’s not very exciting, maybe just useful, a bit, well it’s new anyway. Check it out at www.angelupfront.tel.

Wednesday 11 June 08
Sodbury Rox
Sodbury Rox, yes it does and it does it on Tuesday 17th June from 7pm in Chipping Sodbury main street near the Royal Oak. It’s for Charity, the Children’s Hospice to be precise so be there or feel guilty! Check it out at www.sodburyrox.co.uk.

Monday 28 April 08
Every month we produce (well Alan does) a leaflet with are up and coming gigs to amuse and enthral you. Click “Leaflets” on the menu or click here. Their tremendous fun, what!

Monday 16 March 08
Parking ticket
I think this says what needs to be said …
Parking Ticket

Friday 13 July 07
Band T Shirts
At last, and to go with our magnificant badges we have some really nice screen printed T Shirts for sale at £11 a throw. Good quality Fruit of the Loom ones with a screen printed photo of the band and logo. We have them in large, medium and small sizes.

Angel Up Front T-Shirt

Monday 05 March 07
New badges
We now have rinky dinky little button badges at a £1 each. Buy one now to support starving musicians (ok, that was feeble). Anyway, if you do want one email us and we will sort one out for you.
Angel Up Front Badge

Saturday 03 December 05
New gig log
New gig log then! Written by Alan, lots of drivel and ramblings of our exploits and other stuff. Enjoy with a nice cup of tea or 78 pints of lager or whatever yer likes.

Friday 19 August 05
We have a new guitarist
Greg, our guitarist for 3 years and joint founder of the band has had to leave the band due to circumstances beyond his control. Alan Pout is our new guitarist and has already played 2 gigs with us and has done a great job of learning so much of our set in a very short time. We are back on track now and our gig list is stable again.

Sunday 26 June 05
Possible Cancelled Gigs
Due to some difficulties we have at the moment we regret that we may have to cancel some gigs that are coming up soon. Please keep an eye on our gig listings. If a gig you planned to go to disappears then it’s been cancelled. We apologise now if this causes anyone any inconvenience.

Tuesday 21 September 04
AUF are playing Scallys on new years eve.
So, if you haven’t already planned your new years eve and you are in Weston Super Mare then now you know where to go! Should be a great night and great way to see in the new year.

Thursday 27 May 04
New demo CD being recorded for June.
Angel Up Front have nearly completed a new demo CD. It should be available sometime in June 2004. It should have 10 tracks on it and the ‘sounds’ page will be updated with clips from it.

Tuesday 23 March 04
Now we have a new bassist.
Martin Dupras joined us in February 2004 and started gigging with us in May.

Friday 23 January 04
New bassist
Angel Up Front need a new bassist – please contact us if you are interested. You need to be able to commit to an average of one gig and one practice a week. We are now looking at original material as well as covers.

Friday 09 January 04
New sound samples
Three sound samples of AUF have now been added to this site. Choose ‘Sounds’ from the navigation bar on the left.

Wednesday 01 October 03
New AUF guestbook
A guestbook feature has been added to this site. Add an entry, use the link on the left. Sorry about the ads that go with it, nevermind eh!

Monday 08 September 03
New review
This review can be read on our ‘Reviews’ page. Please send in more, people – We want to hear from you. To find out how to send in a review, see the ‘Reviews’ page.

Wednesday 23 July 03
‘Angel Up Front’ get a new bass player.
Our search for a replacement bass player is officially over! Having seen a number of players recently (All of which we thank very much for coming to see us) we are pleased to announce that Nick (formerly of rockin’ band ‘Dr Evil’) will be taking over from Miles from September. Nick played a great audition and we look forward to having him on board. So look forward to a new player profile coming soon. Also, please all come along to see what will probably be Miles’ last ever ‘Angel Up Front’ performance at the Portcullis on the 15th August. I’m sure he’d appreciate a send off.

Monday 14 July 03
‘Angel Up Front’ attract other bands.
Bristol has hundreds of bands doing the circuit and we’ve happy to announce that some of them have been coming to our gigs. Members of ‘Uncensored’ and ‘Madame Arthur’ have been spotted lurking at the back – or more often being roudy at the front – at recent outings. Both are excellent live bands and you should make efforts to see them both. Relevant links can be found on our ‘Links’ page.

Monday 14 July 03
‘Angel Up Front’ get their first review.
We’ve had our first review – Hooray! Our gig at the Old Tavern cultivated a review from ‘Dominic’ and that can be read on our ‘Reviews’ page. Please send in more, people – We want to hear from you. To find out how to send in a review, see the ‘Reviews’ page.

Thursday 03 July 03
Old Tavern July gig date changed.
Our July gig at the Old Tavern in Fishponds has changed from Saturday 12th July to Sunday 13th July. Don’t turn up on the Saturday, coz we won’t be there 🙂 Hope to see you there on the Sunday.

Wednesday 25 June 03
‘Angel Up Front’ to lose a member in September.
Miles, our bass player, has decided to leave the band. He will be leaving at the end of August, so expect a fairwell gig around that time. It’s unfortunate, but he seems to have had a nice time and we wish him all the best. We will be looking for another bass player to take his place, so if you play bass and would like to be in ‘Angel Up Front’, you can contact the band via the ‘Contacts’ page.

Sunday 01 June 03
‘Angel Up Front’ get a new Web and Email address.
We’ve got a new web address – www.angelupfront.co.uk. Please bookmark the new address, as the old address will stop working sometime soon. We also have a new email address – [link_obfuscate_telephone tel=”contact@angelupfront.co.uk”]. This can always be found on the ‘Contacts’ page.

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